Case study 1

Mr and Mrs P bought their first home, thinking that they would be owning the entire back garden as well as the ground floor flat. Their solicitors, Marsons, did not explain to them that this was not the case. Mr and Mrs P later discovered that they owned only a small part of their back garden, and that their neighbour in the flat above owned the rest of the garden. As a result they paid more for their flat than it was worth. We pursued their former solicitors and won Mr and Mrs P damages for the loss of value to their home.

Case study 2

Mr M suffered serious knee injuries as a result of a car accident. He instructed solicitors Lucas & Co to act in his injury claim. Lucas & Co failed to issue proceedings within the three year time limit from the date of his accident. Mr M therefore lost the chance to pursue his Personal Injury claim. The Defendants in the original claim had, before the claim became time barred, offered only £3,000 to Mr M to settle his claim. We acted for Mr M in his claim against Lucas & Co and succeeded in settling his case with damages of £30,000.

Case study 3

Mrs M is an elderly lady who lives in a residential nursing home. Lewis & Dick were appointed to administer and supervise her bank accounts. However, they failed to monitor the level of funds in her account. They therefore failed to notice that they had spent all the money in her account. The law specifies that they could have applied for benefits when savings fell to £16,000. They failed to do this and not only was Mrs M left with nothing but she also owed money to her nursing home. We were successful in recovering approximately £12,500 for Mrs M.

Case study 4

Mr P sustained horrific injuries to his arm as a result of a defective firework. Leigh Day & Co were instructed to act on his behalf. Leigh Day & Co failed to appreciate that the successful prosecution of our client’s claim was likely to be dependent upon our client being entitled to rely upon the Consumer Protection Act, applying to importers of defective products. They pursued the claim against the wrong party (the manufacturer of the defective firework). As a result Mr P’s claim was struck out, and he was ordered to pay the other side’s costs as well! We acted for him in a claim against his negligent solicitors, and succeeded in obtaining a settlement of approximately £24,500 compensation plus an agreement to pay the original Defendant’s costs for our client.

Case study 5

The B family gave a trusted family friend a power of attorney over their bank account with Barclays. The “friend” misused the account for his own benefit not only spending all their money but also misspent further money (about £500,000) that he had borrowed from the Bank in their name. We successfully sued the Bank, who cleared the debt and repaid £100,000 to our clients.

Case study 6

I Ltd instructed Beachcroft Wansbroughs in a property/development scheme. The solicitors agreed to cap their costs for the legal work. Unfortunately that agreement was subsequently overlooked by the solicitors who charged over four times as much as the agreed maximum fee. We pursued a Solicitors Act assessment of the solicitors’ costs and obtained a refund of almost £100,000 plus costs for the client.

Case study 7

Mr Y instructed Lewis-Simler (accountants) to advise him about the funding of a commercial property investment. As a result of the accountant’s negligent advice, Mr Y could not offset the interest he paid on the mortgage against the rental income he received, with the result that he paid a lot more tax than he would have been liable for had he been correctly advised. We successfully sued the accountant for the tax that had been unnecessarily paid.

Case study 8

Mrs K deposited £100,000 with Graham Peries & Co in support of an application for a UK visa. No application for a visa was made and the money was stolen by her solicitor. In order to preserve evidence we obtained and executed a search order and successfully recovered Mrs K’s money (and interest). Mrs K was one of eight clients of that particular firm on whose behalf we successfully recovered large sums over money that had been stolen.

Case study 9

Mr & Mrs S instructed solicitors in the purchase of a house and part of an adjoining orchard. The sellers retained the rest of a much larger property. A few years later, the sellers sold the rest of the property to another family. Unfortunately, the solicitors acting for Mr & Mrs S in their purchase failed to register the purchase of the orchard with the result that it was transferred to the new neighbours. Mr & Mrs S then instructed Fonseca & Partners to sue their conveyancing solicitors for their negligence. Fonseca & Partners only issued proceedings against the conveyancing solicitors after the claim was time barred, with the result that the claim was struck out leaving Mrs & Mrs S liable for their negligent conveyancing solicitor’s costs! We successfully recovered damages for the losses suffered by Mr & Mrs S and also obtained for them an indemnity in respect of their liability to pay the conveyancing solicitor’s costs.

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